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Created 15-Nov-20
Modified 15-Nov-20
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2020.11.14 | Bluerock Knob | 2025 max |1593 TH | 7.7km | 704 TA | w/ Peter, David, Food-baby

The last Super-Saturday of the season comes with some traditions. First is breakfast in a nice homey place (Chuckwagon Café in Turner Valley) for lots of coffee and something satisfying (Flatiron Steak Eggs Benny),then a shortish but still challenging hike in the front country, then post hike libations (Russian beer & Mrs. Hudak’s homemade danish!) before parting ways. We’ll come together for a few winter things perhaps, but no longer every available Saturday.

The hike? Up thru the Bluerock campground, thru the trees, discuss some stuff, a windy summit at the Bluerock Knob where someone mistook my belly camera bag for a baby (hilarious – food-baby and camera-baby combo for the fatness. And not the first time my camera has been called my baby!) Back down into the shelter for a light lunch to keep our strength up before returning from whence we came for some elbow bending. And a few sheep shots thrown in, as the approach to this hike passes thru a wildlife sanctuary.

2020 Super-Saturdays – ffwa-ffwa !
Flat-iron Steak Eggs Benny.  OmNomNomSome ewes and yearling sheep grazingShunga-la-sheBurnsViews open up to the westBluerock KnobSunburstPanoramaBluerock mountainBluerock mountainSwirling blowing snow was hard to capture. "I SAID IT'S HARD TO CAPTURE!!"Group shot at snack breakBenchmarking the homeless look.Peter's Russian lagers.  "Za nashu druzjbu"Ewes and yearlingsRam biding his time not too far from the ladies.GPS overlaid onto Google Earth