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Created 12-Oct-20
Modified 28-Oct-20
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2020.10.03 | Beauvais Lake / Piney Point | paddle plus | 1560 max | 1370 TH | 8km | 190 TA | w/ Shannon

Beauvais lake is likely my favorite lake within a daytrip range of home. Today we arrived to an empty parking lot and perfectly calm conditions. A few noises, like a barking dog at the cabins, carried across the lake. The calm persisted well into the morning with sightings of swans, geese, eagle, deer, and some other smaller water birds. Lunch at the picnic spot, a second round of the lake and then we hiked around the east end of the lake with the bright sun illuminating the perfectly golden aspens. At the base of the Piney Point trail Shannon turned around and I quickly hooved it to the top of this highpoint with a view of some of the surrounding hills, wind turbines, mountains, and part of the lake. Enroute I heard an Elk bugling and ruffed grouse, squirrels, and other little birds busy harvesting what they could. A stop in Lundbreck on the return drive for a flight and some nachos on the patio rounded out a fine fall outing.