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Created 16-Aug-20
Modified 11-Nov-20
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2020-08-04 | Northover Ridge | 2817 max | 1727 TH | 36.7 km | 1938 TA | 13h45m| w/ Eric

Did this one in 2015, and it’s a big day no matter how you slice it. I’ll be back again. Maybe….

Eric was interested in this for a while. The open day for both of us and the weather all coincided (need a clear day with no chance of thunderstorms). Had lots of opportunity for catching up as well as enjoying the views. The elevation gain is somewhat nicely divided amongst several lifts and in between several waterfalls, lakes, meadows, passes, snowfields etc. Not too much scree to contend with and an extended time on the ridge able to see for miles and miles with mild scrambling. For me, its always the ‘plod’ back from Three Isle lake that I would zoom if given the chance. What’s with the awful loose rocks on the last leg?? Lol. These monster days are good for me.
Full moon settingLittle GrizMomma GrizGoing to catch up with MomUpper Kananaskis LakeHidden lakeFossil fallsView back to Upper Kananaskis LakeThe snow that can be a problem earlier in the seasonHidden lake and Upper Kananaskis LakesA tarn nearing the passAster LakeAlpine wildflowersThe alluvial fan above Aster LakeMt NorthoverUp towards the start of Northover RidgeSmall alpine lakes on the BC side (Marlbourgh ponds I think)