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2016.01.25 | Ross Lake (snowshoe) | 1743max | 6.8 km | 226m gain

During our outing to Banff Film Festival World tour Peter worked on me to take Monday off and go snowshoeing. I rearranged some things Sunday evening and we met up for a trip to Lake Louise area Monday morning. First, a stop at Wilson’s in Lake Louise so Peter could preen in front of the mirror in various new jackets he had in mind. Dangerous business, hanging out around all that quality gear.

The snowshoe route we settled on was from the Lake O’Hara parking area along the "Great Divide Hwy" (groomed ski trail in winter) back east-ish a short ways then a spur to Ross Lake for lunch. Then the guts of the trip – off trail back to the trail-head through deep fresh powder. This is the kind of snowshoe trip Peter prefers. It was fun, but a lot of work. I am not as ‘floaty’ as Peter so I work a little harder for forward progress (I am fatter and have smaller ‘shoes’). What would normally be quite inconsequential ravines become tactical obstacles and I spend more than a few minutes mired in the deep snow with seemingly no bottom on a few occasions. It was the best part of the day though, and the fresh air did me good!
For many years my great-uncle Reg was a brake-man for CP on the Calgary to Field run.  He would have gone by this crossing many many times.Our objective lies in the lee of that wee knob of rock.The sun cuts thru the snow covered treesCan't be passing by open water in the winter without a photoHats on lots of stuffTop of the food-chain, the trees bow to us on the Ross Lake trailRoss LakeRoss LakeRoss Lake from the top of a big-ass rockOur somewhat sheltered lunch spot.  I had the drop on Peter but nothing to drop but my camera.  Rookie mistake.There's an abstract in here somewhereMini-corniceThese gobs of snow can fall without much warning.  "Snow-bombs"See the lynx? ....  Neither do I, but he sees you.Everyone at the bar finally admitted they hadn't seen Kevin since lunch.All dressed up and no-where to go.The latest version of LIghtroom has a pano function - first attempt with six framesTrees that aren't straight get taught a lesson.  "You shall conform!"Back along the groomed stuff a short ways to the trailheadSunset from Hwy 22.