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2022-06-04 | Wasootch Ridge | 2323 TA | 1462 TH | 14.3km | 1228 TA | w/ Peter & David

Super Saturday Season opener! This popular ridge undulates to I think 7 high points on its way to a minor bit of scrambling to the final summit. Usual early start meant we didn't see too many people until the summit. A weirdly ornamented teapot adorned the summit. The views are fine!

I was a little chaffed with a hiker who decide to sit on the summit cairn for his break (poor form, share please) and continued to be a little chaffed by speakers, people asking if they need helmets, and just the general vibe of "shouldn't you be in a city park" but that's my problem. They were enjoying the outdoors, I have the ability and skills to go elsewhere where these things can't find me. Reminded me of how special it is to find solitude still.

A relaxing beer with Peter and David back in Calgary capped off a super start to a super season.
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