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2021-07-24 | Fairview, Saddleback | 2752 Max | 1758 TH | 12.0 km | 1117 TA | w/ Eric & Lindsay

Alarm set for 3:00am, with Eric and Lindsay camping at Tunnel mountain I agreed to a 6am meetup time. But it’s a 2.5 hr drive…. Haha! Taking hwy 8 I found myself stopped waiting on a paving crew. Suddenly I realized I was right behind none other than Peter Hudak! It was a shock for him to see my face in his window (Peter heading toward Jasper for a few days of camping etc). Weird curves life throws your way sometimes.

Lake Louise is a popular spot for parking! And $11.70 parking fee as well does not dampen the crowds at all, but it does put attendants in place to manage the parking and shuttle so improved over the last time there when I could easily have sold my spot when I left. After a few photos at the lake we took the Paradise trail that gradually ascends forested slopes to the Fairview/Saddleback col. Fairview first, some rocky switchbacks to the quartzite summit. Some smoke but we were able to see the surrounding peaks and glaciers. Lunch at 9:30, lol. After descending we also tagged Saddleback which has a view of Moraine lake and some interesting drop-offs to the Paradise valley. Saw a big porcupine on the trail on the way down but Eric wouldn’t pet it. Guess he’s set on getting a dog. Good times getting caught up with these two, balance of the day rounded out with some service calls in Calgary.