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2016.07.09 | Chester Lake & Elephant Rocks | 2261m | 11.9 km | TA 408 TH 1921

My nephew Liam asked to go hiking so I decided to combine a hike with fishing. As the forecast was for clouds and rain by noon I figured best not to get too far in as getting wet and cold is not much fun. Chester lake is just a beautiful spot in any event plus the option to go a little further to the Elephant rocks is a good objective.

We travelled down Hwy 40 to the Smith-Dorrien and not far onto it we saw a young grizzly bear in the ditch. It wouldn't look up from it's feast of clover. Liam spotted a black bear on the way out along the same road so it was a good day for bears.

Starting the hike it was overcast but no rain, part way up it rained quite hard at times but then became intermittent. In between a little bit of hail and finally we got some sun for the hike out.

After reaching the lake it was sprinkling so we decided to go see the Elephant rocks before coming back to have lunch and fish. Liam decided that the rocks looked more like hippos and rhinos. Fishing was slow, I managed to catch one Dolly Varden but otherwise we only got a few bites. It was chilly anyway so we headed out after an hour and half or so of fishing and got some frozen yogurt in Cochrane. Good day.
Little grizzly bear in the ditchStarting outThe umbrella I borrowed from Shannon came in handyI hear singing from under the umbrella so the rain has not dampened his spirits.Chester Lake, Mt Chester has her head in the cloudsA small stream parallels the trail to the Elephant rocksA small falls along the wayLiam in the Elephant RocksSoon he was spotting hippos and rhinos but no elephantsA rhinoThe rock from the Lion King movieFun bouldering but a bit slippery todayA strange animal appears thru a hole in the rockThe clouds start to break a little, a good sign.  We circumnavigate the rocksA little grizzly digBack at the lake fishingChester lakeClayton & LiamChester LakeChester Lake