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Created 9-Jul-19
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20190706 | Cory Pass (Banff NP) | 2367 max | 1457 TH | 14.4 km | 1102 TA | w/ Peter and David.

Thursday aft split call to sort a destination had us muddling over the iffy weather and we eventually circled back to a fan favorite, Cory Pass. We had all done this route before: (Peter six or seven times) and my memories consisted of the basic route, the long pull to the pass on nicely graded National Parks quality trails, the gargoyles, the impressive south face of Mt Louis, and the lush aspen forest down low. What I didn’t recall was one little tricksy downclimb (and I’ve recommended this trail to others as trouble free - oops) and the 1100m of gain (I’ve recommended this as relatively easy as well- oops)
Anyway… Thoroughly enjoyed this trail again including all of the above with some views out over the valley with dissipating low cloud, lush growth and wildflowers.

Recently a friend of a friend commented on a Canadian treat called a "Joe Louis". Made in Quebec, they are a chocolate covered layer affair of red velvet cake and some kind of cream filling. I'd never heard of them, but ironically found them in the local Sobeys entirely by accident. Large boxes though, a risky purchase as "red velvet cake" even done well isn't on my hit list. David and Peter both have fond memories of this treat from their childhood - well lo and behold David brought some carefully packaged in a yogurt tub. So... the lead-up, planning, effort and consideration on the part of David 10/10. The actual product... enough petroleum in there I'll bet you could start a fire with them. And get diabetes. 2/10. (but thank you thank you David! the treat-master!) Oh! And I just realized we were eating Joe Louis within sight of Mt Louis!

A stop for a brew at the Grizzly Paw (Tank 310) was tasty but honestly, for the price I’d expect a bit more prompt service. A +-$10 pint should come frosty and tout de suite m-dear. Mountain towns in summer, whatcha gonna do? Gonna stand in the malt room and tax that sweet smell, that’s what I’m gonna do!
Rundle being RundleyOrange paintbrush forgrounds the Banff valley & Mt RundleCaption pending via best of FacebookThe cruxy slippery limestone downclimb.  Perhaps a challenge if only expecting a "hike"Peter and David at Cory pass giving the Gargoyles some scaleTrojan Rabbit.  RUN AWAY RUNAWAY !Mount Louie.The GargoylesIf you listen closely you can hear my knees creak.  The lengths I go to for a good shot.  lolYour artsy shot for the dayCalypso orchids.  Right at the end of their season, I was pleased to spot a few.Columbine