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Created 26-Jun-16
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2016.06.18 | Mosquito Mountain | 2976m , TH 1868 | 22 km | TA 1260

Peter and Eric joined on this trip that Peter proposed off the Icefields Parkway. Other options were considered and the mixed forecast had us bouncing around until the day of the trip. This was my preference as I hadn't been up this trail yet (despite reading of it often) so - I'm happy. New stuff! It started out a cold (-1 at the trail head) but became a sunny day and then deteriorated into a full on downpour for the last 6km out from the Molar Pass backcountry campsite. When you soak thru to the undercarriage that ain't cool - but lucky it ended at a warm vehicle. Most of the day past the bc campsite was spent off trail and saw nobody else.

Hilights were a brief sighting of a young grizzly bear along the creek not far from the campground and the long views of the snowy peaks from our highpoint of Mosquito Mountain. Very remote feeling - love trips like this.
Chilly hike in along a noisy creek in prime bear country.  LOUD NOISESFrosty willowsNoseeum PeakNobody has ever taken this shot but me.Mr. Grouse didn't like us discussing how to field-dress his kinNoseeum PeakMosquito is further than it looks - a little bush-push and then up the scree/snow/slabs to the summitAn excuse for stoppingEric and Noseeum Peak.  He was lagging behind cause he's a summer student and kinda soft now. (and he left a milk container in my truck - so - yes, Eric is a runt)Un-named peak?  So 'Fangmeister' it isEye spySnow for something a little differentWeather closing in and coming our wayEric and Peter push ahead toward the ridgeJust about on the ridgeUp the ridge, lots to see as views open up.The other sidePeak spottingI tried to get into the frame but it was too rubbly to run.  We'll just go with that excuse.View to the north