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Created 23-Dec-20
Modified 29-Dec-20
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2020-12-20 | Entrance Ridges (Muley and Carry Ridges) | 1584 max |1393 TH | 9.4km | 372 TA | w/ Shannon, Lana*, Jason*, Loki*

Improvised a bit from the ‘route’ by using the cow/horse trail in the draw between the two ridges. Sidetripped to a high point on Muley before dropping to find a alternate path up to Carry. A boggy spot soaked Lana’s boot, so they returned while Shannon and I ascended Carry Ridge via the normal connecting route. Of the two, Carry has the views. Lunch in a sheltered spot before returning. This is about as close as it gets for front-country hiking. Snow was light and microspikes stayed in the bag.
Shannon heading out for the sunBoggy section easily crossed in the frozen conditionsMixed forestMore sunburst practiceKillerOn Muley ridgeLove the aspens along this routeWesterly view from Carry RidgeA lone pine poses for me descending Carry Ridge.