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Created 16-Nov-10
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2010-11-15 | Mt Fullerton (attempt) | 2359m | 22.4km | 787m gain

Plans were made for this hike/scramble to celebrate the “end” of a long season. It isn’t the end yet, just the transition to the winter schedule which includes much less boss, longer deadlines, and occasional day off. As it happens this trip ended up on the eve of our first big dump of snow for the year which began later in the evening. Peter originally had the day off but ended up needing to work at 5:30 so our turn around time prevented us from summiting. We could have split up and that would have given me another hour to possibly summit before a darkness turn around time would prevent further exploring. I decided to turn back with Peter, the whole point was to have a day out and this late in the year objectives must be kept reasonable. It was a good day out knocking the last of the Moab sand off my boots and office air out of my lungs.

With a little extra time at the end of the day I stopped in at Elbow Falls to drink my much traveled tea. Shooting on this day with the G-11 as I was trying to lighten up for a bit more speed.
Mt CornwallNihahi CreekNihahi CreekNihahi CreekScrambling on Mt FullertonThe turn around point with +-370m left to go but out of timeNihahi RidgeLooking further up the Nihahi Creek drainageDebating going further... can I summit in the next hour?LichensLooking back at the 'bump' that became our turnaround pointTrading rock for half frozen moss, back into the treesBump just the right of the frame at the skyline was our turn-aroundNihahi ridge from Nihahi creekbadElbow FallsElbow FallsElbow FallsElbow Falls