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Created 5-Feb-13
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Snowpig Classic 2013 | Winter camp upstream of Cataract creek @ Hwy 940 | 2013.02.03 -2013.02.05 | 5.4 km each way. Day 2 sidetrip 4.8km loop.

Peter & I for a mid-winter camp outing. Several others were close to coming but had work conflicts unfortunately (hey Mr. Jakobs?)

The weather was mild but often quite windy out of the west. We were very lucky with a campsite about 5 km up the valley with running water in the creek, lots of firewood, & a naturally leaning evergreen that with some modifications made a great lean-to shelter. We chose shelter over sun for the fire area & it was the right choice.

Good eats, treats, & lots of good old fashioned work made for a great few days away from the winter grind.
Mt Burke from the trail headFollowing the snowmobile trail west into the Cataract Creek valleyA little cabin on the north side of the creek we would visit at the end of the trip.Didn't get this view for long... wind and snow socked it in.The snow-bar.The woodlot ready for night #1Dusk falls, we get the fire going.L. Bacon wrapped figs (Peter) R. Rib eye steak (Clayton)Mmmmm ... Steak...& potatos with onions & bacon & cheese. (note:  onions are a vegetable)The bacon wrapped figsWith the leanto tree sheltering us we enjoyed a mild evening.A fine blend - goes equally well with chocolate and/or beef / pork products.Processing dead pine.  Firewood was easy to come by.Our leanto tree wind shelter.Tent site a short distance away by the creek (flowing)A day two wander to look for the 'bee house' we spotted late on day oneA dead pine framing Peter and Mt. BurkeFunky lichen/mossOur day two wander was mostly off-trail.  On the creek in this case.