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2022-07-23 | Banff paddling – Banff Canoe Club up Echo creek to Vermillion lakes and also up the Bow River.

After hurting my knee scrambling last week and icing all week I figured paddling would be a safe option for today. A four a.m. alarm rolled us for a 6:30am parking at the Banff Canoe club on the banks of the Bow in Banff. Quiet at that time of day, first car to arrive. We started with going up Echo Creek into Vermillion lakes, which meant scrambling over one beaver dam and ramming over a second smaller one. Unfortunately bending over to help Shannon popped something in my knee again – I was able to continue to paddle but walking was quite uncomfortable. Echo creek is really pretty but busy on the way back with rental canoes and kayaks playing bank bumper on the way back. Vermillion lakes we saw some Osprey fishing but a little underwhelming right next to the TCH. Paddling up Bow with the high water and fast flow was fun. Found a spot to pull out and picnic before returning for a short hobble-walk along the pathways before returning home for a pizza and time on the deck with icepacks.
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