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Created 24-Jan-21
Modified 29-Jan-21
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20210123 | Beauvais Lake PP, Mount Albert, Mount Baldy | 1704 max | 1382 TH | 10.0 km | 462 TA | w/ Shannon

Start the day with a re-jig looking for ‘warmer’ temps. -12 or so start and not much wind (for this area, wind is the norm) so pretty lucky choice I guess. Not much snow lately so spikes on the rock hard packed snowshoe/ski trails. Loop from the Beaver Creek day-use up and over Mount Albert (highest point in the park) and traverse to Mount Baldy before completing the clockwise loop through some of the maze of lower trails. Most junctions well signed. Some of the old homestead buildings are still there in the trees. Day use was busy with families and other noise – cheers to early starts. A stop at the Oldman Monolith where hwy 22 goes over the Oldman completed the days outing.
Snow thing? (artist statement is missing)Junction on the way up Mount Albert that diverts to Mount BaldyPart of Mount Albert has cliffy sides.Nearly there.Shannon tops out Mount AlbertShannon tops out Mount AlbertViews from Mount AlbertCastle Peak (right)Castle Peak and Mt Gladstone on the right (I think)The Chief in the distance to the SEIn windmill countrynorth viewGnarled pine on the traverseSturdy aspens on the slopes of Mount BaldyMount Albert (left) from BaldyHomestead cabin rotting away slowly.Homestead cabin rotting away slowly.A mixed group of chickadees included some Mountain Chickadees. (different eye patch)Oldman Monolith