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Created 20-Oct-19
Modified 20-Oct-19
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20191019 | StonyCat Ridge | 2210m | 1499 TH | 10.8 km | 807m TA | w/ Peter & David

Thursday weather. meh. Draft a chore list. Well, maybe front country. About to message David and Peter surfaces - back and with a plan. Well, I'll take that as a sign. This objective is nestled in right in my playground - Below Junction Hill (done that four times), below Holy Cross with a view toward this years bigun - McPhail. I have to be perfectly honest and admit to not fully reading the trail description and there was more gain and more views than I expected. And the weather ended up more sun than expected too. Wonderful fall hike!
Kananaskis Boneyard "Table for three please"   "Sorry sir, we are closed"Holy Cross.Nice four-point muleyUp the draw and sidetrip to the knoll on the rightGrasses catch the sun toward Burke.Brute of a Limber Pine on the ascentDamn treehuggersMcPhail (pyramidal peak) Woot.High Rock and Elk bad boys.MistNever Never Never tire of this viewWhat are you jawing about?Holy Cross with a special kind of brown hillSkull plate patterns