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Created 30-Oct-16
Modified 30-Oct-16
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2016.10.29 | Iron Lakes Ridge | 2169m (1749TH) | 8.2km | TA 688

F-Linter hiking, no longer fall but not quite winter. Typical conditions are most fall color is gone, things are starting to freeze (so ice or frost features in photos) sun can still be quite warm but wind and other conditions can be quite wintery. Snow is manageable without snowshoes, bare ground is common.

Considering the Friday schlepfest of wet snow and ick this was a stellar day. A typically windy area, it was quite calm and the sun made things generally quite pleasant. Out of the sun we kept moving to stay warm.

Route goes past Bear Pond down to "Peter's Meadow", (I don't recall Peter ever getting quite no enamoured with a meadow before) then a loop up onto a ridge and back to the meadow to repeat the lollipop route.

Saw a few bighorn sheep (ewes and yearlings) on the hike and a female moose on the drive in. Most of what I would say are the better shots from today are macros.

Capped off the day with Peter's surprise Banana Bread Beer for a sunny post hike tailgate. Always a treat, often reserved for one of the last Super Saturday's of the season. Cheers!
Clear sky and little wind - bonus!Ice patterns on Bear PondFrosty goodnessLow angle to the sun makes for some fun photo ops.Bear pond"Peters Meadow" covered in frostOne of my favourite abstracts in a creekbedUp the grassy slopes then onto rock and some scrambling to attain the ridgeSome of the more scrambly territoryView across toward Hailstone ButteSaddle Mountain - our Super Saturday season opener in JuneThe prairies blanketed in cloudPeter descending toward "Peter's Meadow"Textures on the horizonSentinel, then Burke, then Mt Head and Holy Cross.Looking down on Iron LakesSteam rises off a patch of sunny forest floorBack in "Peter's Meadow" for a second lunchFrosty grassesFrost at the edge recently in the sun