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Created 27-Jun-18
Modified 2-Jul-18
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2018-06-24 | Barrier fire lookout (McConnell Ridge), Prairie View | 2019m | 1410m TH |13.2km | TA 650m | solo

While Shannon kayaked on Barrier Lake I chose this hike kind of randomly off the map. Starting at roughly 11am I was parked on hwy 40 adding a little extra distance to my day. I was shocked how busy it was and it continued to be busy all the way to Prairie View. Much less traffic takes the relatively short spur to the lookout. I tried not to let the pletheora of non-hiker types spoil my day (which included groups travelling the full width of the trail, a guy with ILS no shirt and an off leash pit bull, people holding hands not yielding the trail....) I took flower pictures and smiled. haha. It was a super sunny day and Shannon enjoyed her paddle so a win.
Barrier LakeLittle boats below, one could be ShannonHelipad at Barrier LookoutOn the horizon on the right of the frame is CalgaryMt. YamnuskaThe edge of Prairie View with Barrier Lake below.  It was busy with people having lunch and taking photos and hummed like a coffee shopWestern wood lilyWestern wood lilyAlberta wild rose