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Created 23-May-11
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2011-05-22 | Junction Hill | 2242m | 10.6km |832m gain

Loop hike up one ridge and down another to a high point know as Junction Hill. Starting point Highwood house at the winter gate on Hwy 40 (west of Longview).

A solo 'huff & puff' is becoming somewhat a tradition for me on the May long-weekend which on this year was a mish-mash of gardening, hiking, & closing some loops (& a bit of work). This one was chosen as it is a ridgewalk (so minimum chance of lingering snow) and as it is along the presently closed hwy 40 I wouldn't have to listen to motorbikes all day from the valley below.

I recently had a pair of my Lowas resoled as they were right down to the wood so I figured a few photos are in order by way of comparison with later when they are beat again. A bit slippy on the damp lichened rocks but not sure if that is the boots or the conditions.

Part way up I joined up with a fellow solo hiker, Roy, who set a perfect pace and pointed out a few things I wouldn't have noticed before. I now know what Grouse poop looks like (sorry no photo). Good to have a little company albeit unplanned.

Got lucky with the weather as it was drizzling in High River before departure and a big thunderstorm rolled in just one range over cutting lunch a little short. Had about 30 minutes or so of drizzle on the descent. Good to overlook some of the Cat Creek hills from the previous hike and try and figure out perhaps where we had been. Also got to see a Blue Grouse do a partial display helped along a little with Roy's best grouse impression. A good start to the hiking season.
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