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Created 6-Jan-17
Modified 6-Jan-17
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2017-01-04 | Sheep River (snowshoe) | 1078m | 3.3km | TA 28m | 1hr | solo

How many hikes begin in your garage? Recent snow has me using the adjacent river valley to burn off some cookies and eggnog. The first trip I broke trail for the last part of the loop - on this trip many others had followed with dogs etc so it's no longer as "pristine" feeling, but you get the idea of the landscape. A little wilderness escape without having to drive anywhere. Pretty sweet.
I watch the sun set from the top of this ridge sometimesPath now well broken (two days after setting)Snow remains stuck to the treesSnow balls caught in the weedsMix of cottonwoods, spruce, willow forestLooping back on the riverbedBarn on the other side of the riverBack to sunset ridge where the river remains open unless it gets really coldIce formations on the riverPillowy snowAspens on the higher ground