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Created 18-Apr-21
Modified 18-Apr-21
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2021-04-17 | Bob Creek Wildlands (rambling) | 1813 max | 1387 TH | 17.1 km | 730 TA | w/ Shannon

With a nice day forecast and not so much for Sunday, I swapped my weekend days (work Sunday while it snows). Also with the weekend compressing into one day for most I expected the mountains to be busy. This area is a little more out of the way and lesser known with no ‘you are here’ signage – so a good fit for a warm spring day.

No real route in mind we started on the bit of the route I was familiar with and then north up the ATV valley track. With a choice of east or west we chose to climb the east aspect of one of the ridges through open fir, spruce, aspen and pine forest. Topping out for lunch and enjoy the views. An enjoyable ridgewalk south to Camp Creek was next, followed by a return on animal trails and eventually one of the main ATV/horse tracks. It was a little longer day than originally planned, but satisfying accomplishment in the end. Returned home for a couple socially distanced beers with some neighbors we haven’t visited with for a while.

Bingo card: crocus, bluebird, firs, snags, snowy peaks. No sheds or skulls, just a few bones. A few bear tracks, deer, thumping grouse (remained hidden), and one tick!
Entrance information thingiesPrairie CrocusPrairie CrocusA fine specimen of the signature firs of this areaBear tracks in the mudThunder MountainWe diverge from the valley trail across the creek and up this ridgeOld snag on the ridgePatterns in the root bolePatterns in the root boleAnother toppled snagRocks trapped in the root boleWide view to the west including the distant fire lookout on Thrift peakAnother snagBurlAfter lunch we ran out this ridge back down to Camp CreekFine ridge walkingThunder Mountain and Crowsnest Mountain in the distanceAncient firs bent by the windTick hitch-hiker