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Created 26-Jun-16
Modified 26-Jun-16
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2016.06.25 | Devils Thumb | 2468 max, 1744 TH | 15.7 km | TA 849

Mixed bag in the forecast we settled on this route that has piqued my interest several times in the past. I've been over some of these trails in the past and the scenery is not to be beat.

This easy scramble combines with some classic Lake Louise scenery and the hike begins at the Chateau lakeshore tourist hub. From there some well graded trails past Mirror lake, along the base of the Big Beehive to the Teahouse at Lake Agnes. Around the lake and up to a col that lies between Big Beehive and Devils Thumb. First the lookout on the Big Beehive and then the scramble up Devils Thumb. Rain threatened so we didn't linger. Off the col towards Lake Louise thru some of the finest flowers I've seen so far this year. A second lunch by the glacier outflow stream and then along the lake with the masses back to the truck.
Outflow of Lake LouiseMt White (center of frame) overshadows Devils Thumb, which is an outlier of Mt White.  Big Beehive just right of center.Easier than buying a postcardLast time I was here I posed for an artist - they made a bronze!  LOL (commemorates the Swiss guiding history)Big Beehive over Mirror LakePeter traverses below Big BeehiveLake Agnes from the TeahouseFalse HelleboreMt Niblock and Lake Agnes and some LARCHBig Beehive lookout.  Built in 1916, happy 100 birthday lookout!From just beyond the lookout, Lake Louise and Mirror LakeInside the lookoutCastle Mountain in the distanceSwirly clouds throughout the dayNot sure if this is Sr. or Junior...Oldest inscription - 1917.  Supposedly Wilcox signed here somewhere 1916 when it was built.Part of the benchPeter and the `Banff Squirrel` square off.  "You shall not pass!!!"Guardian of the lookoutLooking toward Devils Thumb