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Flowering Crabapples: (Malus spp.)
These are indispensible trees for the Calgary landscape. They been extensively bred and there are many varieties now available with good resistance to pests and diseases and many have been bred with smaller fruit owing to the fact most people find fruit drop of the older varieties to be messy. ‘Thunderchild’ and ‘Royalty’ both have a dark reddish purple bloom and deep burgundy/purple foliage. ‘Makamic’, ‘Kelsey’ and ‘Strathmore’ have a rosy pink bloom and bronzy foliage. ‘Siberian’ and ‘Dolgo’ are prized for their white blooms and green leaves. 'Dolgo' produces an egg shaped fruit about 3.5 cm (1.5”) long that is excellent for preserves. ‘Spring Snow’ is a white flowering variety that produces no fruit.

Size and Characteristics: Mature sizes vary with the cultivar but in general Flowering Crabapples will reach sizes of approx. 4-5 m (13’-16’) wide and 4-5 m (13-16’) tall. They flower in mid to late May in a profusion of white, pink, rose, or dark pink blossoms and have leaves from green to bronze to burgundy depending on the cultivar. Fruit production varies with cultivar.

Pests and Diseases: Relatively trouble free but may occasionally get fireblight. A disease that can be controlled if caught early
'Spring Snow' flowering crabapple'Spring Snow' flowering crabapple