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Created 16-Jul-15
Modified 17-Jul-15
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2015-07-11 | Tent Ridge | 2542m | 9.9km | 645m gain | +-5.5hr

Super Saturday goodness with Michael and Peter. This fills a gap in my travels as I was surrounded by familiar peaks and lakes. A horseshoe shaped ridge and a nice warm day made this an idyllic hike.

Still managing the foot issues so this was good length and stress for that. Used the ice in the cooler for a nasty soak after. Apparently Mike didn't appreciate the 4:15 am wake up. Awwwwww. Hehe! We were first up eh!
Entering the Tent Ridge cirqueHeading up the ridgeLooking back over the Spray ReservoirTryst Lake belowI guess you would call this the summitGroup shot back toward Smuts and The Fistboot shotA little bit of smokey haze marring the long viewsThis makes the route look sketchy.  Its really just a hike unless you are a clutz.Last long view before going back down.Note Larch.  Larch larch larch.