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Created 3-Jul-11
Modified 3-Jul-11
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A solo day. A couple shorties and then a snooze and some paperwork / research by the lake (just what I needed to focus).

2011-07-02 | Bears Hump | 1525m | 2.4km | 215m gain
Come early to Waterton and you'll have the place to yourself. I recall hiking this as a kid, and being bored waiting for others to catch up. A good early push to get the blood flowing. Contemplated a scramble further up the ridge but decided not today.

2011-07-03 | Crandell Lake | 1599m | 5.4km | 107m gain
Unfinished business from 19 years ago. Shannon and I encountered a mother black bear and two cubs on this trail and had to turn back.

Still snow at Cameron lake. Ditch bear but no photos. Grab some lunch in the townsite which is now getting busy so I aborted the last hike to Bertha Bay and just set up on the grass at the beach near the hotel. Windy but super sunny ... capital way to spend the afternoon.
Viewpoint from the highwayBears HumpCrandell Lake