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Created 2-Jan-21
Modified 2-Jan-21
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2021-01-01 | Rummel Lake | 2232 Max | 1839 TH | 12.0 km | 473 TA | w/ Shannon

Happy New Year! This is a classic hike to an alpine lake right at the foot of Mt Rummel with minimal avy risk. The lower slopes are more open glades, popular with skiers, and on this day exposed to the wind. The upper half is well treed and quite pleasant snowshoeing. Lunch of leftover pizza, Christmas oranges, Christmas cookies and Christmas Lindt as a treat! It wasn’t too busy and we saw some Gray Jays, Chickadees and other little birds along the way. Good start to the year.
Gray Jay and his buddies sing us a song.Snow abstractShitters fullPano from our lunch spot along the lakeContrasting texturestouch-downA little open water at the outlet!A little further down the outlet streamOpen creekShannon trying to stay just far enough behind as not to get a branch of snow on her head.  Why???The snow swirls in the open glades on the way out