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2011-06-04 | Volcano Ridge (Kananaskis, AB) | 2132m | 19.9km | 843m gain

Super-Saturday season opener with Peter and Jay. An early (5am) roll time meant sweeping the highway for countless deer, then elk, moose & sheep. Rain, fading to drizzle, to very light drizzle at the trail-head but quite socked in. Trail-head is on Gorge Creek Trail west of Turner Valley, Gorge Creek parking lot. It was looking like a 'no view' kind of day until the final approach to the summit of Volcano Ridge when the sky cleared and we could see the Blue Rock Mountain, Mount Rose, & Three Point appear magically out of the fog bank. We were on top of the clouds looking east out onto the prairie, just endless cloud tops. But I didn't take a picture! Sunshine nap on the summit, early lunch and back out again in the sunshine. One sketchy creek crossing – the one place for some reason they haven't put in a bridge, otherwise just a few isothermic drifts to cross on the side trip to the highpoint on the ridge and a fair bit of mud.

Jay's sharp eyes spotted a black bear mother and cub not far from the trail-head on the drive out. I detoured to Sheep falls – a favourite place – before heading home.
One of many elk (among other wildlife) on the drive outPeter pointing out the route ahead... haha... we should have seen our objective from here.Prairie CrocusPrairie CrocusThe fog starts to shiftViews opening up as we ascend to the highpointThree Point, Banded, Glasgow amoung others to the westMoose Mountain with Prairie in the forgroundThe sandstone outcrop center left overlooks the saddle in the main trail.Looking back at the highpoint on Volcano RidgeAlmost back on the main trailPeter tackles the deceptively fast and deep streamNot a good time for poles to collapse!