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Created 8-Nov-20
Modified 8-Nov-20
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20201107 | Ole Buck Mountain (south & north summits) | 1723 max | 1473 TH | 10.6km | 540 TA | w/ Peter & David

Late season front country outing to the Sibbald area. Aside from a conservation officer who wanted to chat at the start we didn’t see a soul. Kind of an overcast day with some old rotten snow and many titty & face slapping alders – I didn’t take many photos. We did, however, have the usual great/idiotic discussions including thinking of names for David’s new moss ball pet/friend/thingie and coming up with MOSS puns. I don’t think it made David cross, even when I suggested he blend it to make sauce. Lol. Return trip for me was down the Powderface trail which was a little dicey in spots. Even one hill where a stuck car had abandoned their floor mats in the middle of the road after getting momentum again. Their loss. Hope the car didn’t belong to their boss. (I can go on…)
The north summit cairnView west to Yamnuska among other Bow Valley peaksDavid and Peter getting oriented.  We took slightly different routes up and back.Lichen looking strikken on an aspenIf you don’t have the urge to poke early winter ice with a stick then how dead inside are you?Creek ice thingies.Google earth maps with GPS route.  Rocks and trees.