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20190629 | Mt Allan Mt Collembola Jubilee Tarns | 2859 Al | 2515 dip | 2763 Col | 1442 TH | 26.1 km | 1700 TA | w/ Peter and David.

A note on the stats. My GPS had a spaz and was showing a much greater gain. Trusting that it recorded the major points correctly and a little m+th I get a number I’m pretty confident represents todays accomplishments.
Big one. 12.5 hours car to car.

Also, being as close to Canada Day as possible, we commemorated with some red attire and flags. Eh.

A Bob Spirko inspired trip, this was to be a summit of Mt Collembola and drop to Jubilee tarns. Peter ruminated on the ‘crux section’ – would it be snow free etc? Turned around there would screw up the visit to the tarns and generally just, well, it would suck. The alternate was to go counter-clockwise and first summit Mt. Allan, then Collembola, then the tarns. I’ve been to the summit of Mt Allan from the opposite direction twice. Thursday-Clayton happily signed up Saturday-Clayton for some extra exercise.

Steady climbing on a treed trail into the alpine – that’s the approach. David disappointed me by not recognizing that we were standing amongst some larches as we approached the ridge. All is forgiven as he shared his snacks (as per usual). Once on the ridge we were in the cold wind proper now and I regularly found myself lagging. The wind plus the footing made for an extra tiring day as it was like being jostled in a crowd at every step. I spent some in time in my own head refining my business model for a trail-head boot removal service. This plus a grill and cooler of beers – I’m thinking this could work out nicely with some tidy profits and low overhead. Anyway… trudge on.
The summit of Mt. Allan was WINDY and there among a brightly colored group of female trail runners is Peter holding court – what the hell? Turns out he knew one of them, not that that would matter! Lol. A brief stay in the lee of the summit and off to the col between Allan and Collembola. Note to future self – do not go the opposite way on this circuit – ugly climb up the east slope of Mt Allan.

The traverse to the summit of Mt Collembola required finding a downclimb thru a cliff band, otherwise more wind and scree and plodding. I was mildly pleased to find the boys admitting to being tired when I caught up to them at the summit. Another fuel break before descending to the Jubilee tarns.

The Jubilee tarns environ was prime bear habitat and walking thru some relatively recent digs confirmed that. Knee started barking on the steep descent so took my time. The wade to the little island in the center of the tarn was inviting but the act of debooting/rebooting seemed like WAY more effort than it was worth so I just let the boys do that. Another fuel break and a short kip on a grassy spot before the long exit trail with some rough alpine bushwhack before regaining the same entry trail. Despite my best effort to keep up I was trailing at the last – or I mean – photographing the perfect columbine! Lol. Long but rewarding day with some sore legs lasting thru Monday. Happy Canada Day!
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