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Created 21-Jun-20
Modified 18-Nov-20
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20200620 | Talus Lake | 2272m Max | 1621m TH | 25km bike | 12.8km hike
448 TA bike | 514 TA hike | 37.8km total | 962 TA | w/ Peter & David

I have been to Talus lake before, on a backpacking trip with Eric’s school class. I think it was in May, there was a lot more snow. This was Peter’s idea for a bike approach and the maiden backcountry voyage for the Big Honzo. It performed well although my conditioning is still a little lacking so I had to push parts of some of the grades.

The bike portion is the Big Elbow trail, which is a driveable fire-road for K-country staff to maintain the campsites and fight fires. Its in very good shape with some cobble sections, big mud puddles, but lots of nice packed gravel too. The old blue bridge that got ruined in the 2013 flood has been rebuilt, which was good because the river flow was too high to ford. Right at the Romulus campsite we ditched the bikes and continued on foot. Good trail most of the way with eventually some snow and talus. Both lakes had some ice on them yet. A satisfying for shortish lunch break at the second lake had us heading back with a few spits of rain but otherwise had fantastic weather. All in I survived very well and we hope to tackle a few more bike-hikes before the season is over.

(All photos iPhone in the interest of lightening up a bit)
K-country cows do not give AF.Remus and RomulusThe Big Honzo maiden backcountry voyageA wee boulder in the creekbedThe hike in the creekbed was actually kind of fun.Down a steep bank and up some snow, then scree to upper lakeAlpine flowers overlooking the lower lakeUpper lake.  "Going for a swim? That’s a hard no bud."Panorama - upper lakePanorama - upper lakePanorama - upper lakeBack toward the lower lakeLower LakeSome comfy chairs around the fireSPLAT!Rodent, perhaps beaver or marmot?GPS track overlaid onto Google EarthGPS track overlaid onto Google Earth.