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2018-08-25 | Mt Yamnuska | 2239m | 1358m TH | 11.0 km | 1004m TA | w/ Hank, Jack (Mountain Jack), Poppy(dog)

Yamnuska is a very easily recognized peak on the north side of the TCH in the Bow Valley. Some say it has the profile of a sleeping Indian (First Nations Person) and it has multiple climbing routes up its face. It also has an increasingly popular scramble route that goes to the summit and then around and down the scree run below the face. Part way to the summit there is a short section of ledge with a fixed chain to assist in crossing this 'crux'.

Today was mostly about catching up with Hank, a friend I have remained in contact with since High School. The party was rounded out with Poppy, a one year old Boston Terrier, and Jack, Hanks youngest son. Jack is 9 and surprised me with his scrambling abilities and stamina. I was reminded early in the trip how impressionable this age is when Jack inadvertently 'learned' the fine art of the Farmer Blow from me. (oops) - I vowed the rest of the trip to set a good example including staying away from exposed places.

The day was smokey but occasionally the sun would poke through. The temps were quite nice and allowed us a nice lounge at the summit before retracing our steps. The scree run would not be in the cards (too difficult with this party).

What a fun day with Hank and Jack catching up and being entertained by Jack's stories and antics. Oh to be 9 again.

Here's Yam from Barrier Lookout on a much less smokey day.
Jack happily climbed this rock a second time for a portrait.Our smokey destinationA heart shaped lake Jack pointed outPoppie gets a lift through a narrow crack in the rock.View to the northUp we trudgeRelaxing and Poppy gets a cuddleSnack.  An interest catch, Jack was tossing a small piece of apple that had dropped in the dirt over his shoulder.Pointing out landmarksOverlooking some climbing routesDiscussing climbingSpiderman scramblingSteps in the rock make this a fun routeFearless on the chainsJack and I discussed the chain and how it was attached.  He was interested in everythingHank and Poppy on the cruxThis looks sketchy but its not.  But they are off route... lolPoppy enjoyed her perch on the scrambly bitsAnother party on the cruxThat little outie bit is the only place the chain REALLY helps...