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Created 1-Jul-10
Modified 1-Jul-10
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A jaunt down to the Crowsnest area with Wietse.

An area I've wanted to explore more. This mountain is just north of Hwy 3 almost on the AB/BC border, just west of Crowsnest mountain (one of the more recognizable landmarks in the area)

Specs to follow, about 1000m of gain.

The approach is quite interesting part way up a carved limestone canyon or on the banks above. Some of the polished limestone was wet with seeps so that forced us out of the canyon. Some snow to help the ascent (not faster or easier, just not as tedious as the talus), and finishing with an open but not overly exposed ridgewalk to the summit.

We found a Bighorn sheep skull & vertebrae on the way down and tried our hands at wildflower shots despite the gusty winds. Another fine day in the mountains.
View of the peak from the approach gullyStarting to pull clear of the gully, left turn!Glacier LilyKick stepping snow rather than talusAlmost to the ridge, view open upFinal ridge walk to the summitCrowsnest Mountain and the Seven SistersSeven Sisters