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Created 6-Feb-17
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2017-02-05 | Hogarth Lakes | 1914m | 4.0 km | 79m Gain | w/ Peter & Megan

Heavy snowfall the day/night before continued into today with total of 70cm of fresh powder. The drive was interesting with the Smith-Dorrien down to basically one lane on the drive in but the snowshoeing was excellent. We took turn breaking trail on the official Hogarth Lakes trail up to the furthest point for lunch and then returned on our broken trail. It was hard going and temps hovering around -20 so a shorter day was in order. A short foray off trail with Peter resulted in a maximum plow of around 40" - so you don't get very far very fast when you are up to and occasionally over your waist in snow.

Good day, good company!
initially the trail shares the Burstall Pass trail which had been used by backountry skiers already.Peter breaking trail.  Even thirdsies was still plenty softPeter and MeganSnow builds on the treesMy turn to break for a bitThe turnaound at one of the furthest north lakesMegan and Peter on the couchNo long views today, but stillness and foggy glasses.Studded winter tires come in handy some days.