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2021-03-21 | Star Creek Hill (The Saddle) | 1774 max | 1338 TH | 8.7km | 795 TA | w/ Shannon

Star Creek Hill is a saddle shaped peak SW of Coleman (hence its other name) and Shannon picked it for today’s outing based on the distance and elevation and figuring on it being more dry than other options. I rocked my more robust walking crampons, Shannon used micro-spikes, and some of the ice was very polished and hard and difficult to avoid. Higher up there was bare frozen mud, old drifts (some hard, some not so much), open rock at the top, and for the solo foray to the south peak – some waist deep post-holing. I heard this type of trip at this time of year referred to as “Dumpster Diving” and I’ll run with that for todays footing! Star Creek Falls was a neat viewpoint and the mild temps (-3 to start) and not ridiculous wind made the early going relatively pleasant. After the descent off the SW side of the north peak Shannon decided not to continue to the south peak. A good choice as the ascent almost to the top of the south peak was alternating supportive and non supportive old snow. We returned through the trees along the west slope of Star Creek Hill, seeing lots of sheep sign but no live animals. A good day out, considering the season, and didn’t see a soul until back at the parking area.
Star Creek FallsStar Creek FallsTechumseh and Crowsnest with their heads in the cloudsold pine snagsold pine snagsTechumseh and Crowsnest again - those clouds later made snow squalls.Shannon descending the SW side of the north summitLooking across to the south summitFrom almost the top of the south summit over the north summitTiny Shannon in the left blond clearingburpIcey trackDancing shoes.