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2015-07-18 | Opal Ridge | 2617m (1600m TH) | 11 km | 1354m TA | 7.75 hr including nap
Opal Ridge is a fairly well defined route up the ridge directly east of the Fortress service station on Hwy 40. Some scree and bit rubbly in places, basically a sustained steep hike. We extended the day with a ramble along the ridge to south where the Grizzly creek gorge preempts any further travel in that direction.

Co-conquistadors of the useless: Peter, Eric, Jimmy. Eric and Jimmy (geologists) enjoyed looking at the rocks, I told them to find me an opal but they came up short (or kept them for themselves…) Long rough descent had my quads, knees, and a hip flexor singing. Goddam broken down carcass.
Climbing up thru the cloud eventually has its reward+4 at the trailhead plus a sweaty climb meant short breaks going up.Cool rocks, fossils and stuffFireweedFill flash, bit much maybe, but I like the effectApproaching the 'gates'Mint Jelly haloed by the rising sunMint Jelly and Tzatziki on the ridge - curious about usProbably best not to ask what's going on hereMint Jelly and TzatzikiFinal push to the high pointOpalsOpalsMoocherView to the south out toward Kananaskis lakesEricOff toward the end of the ridge