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Created 27-Jun-16
Modified 27-Jun-16
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2016.06.11 | Midnight Peak & Midday Peak | 2352 / 2339 / 1522 TH | 13.6km | TA 1522

Just a little ways down Hwy 40 so we were on the summit before 10am. Good steady approach with the final bit on scree. Some unsettled weather had us waffling on the traverse to Midday Peak but we decided to try it anyway and were treated to a lovely rainbow and some updrafted snow pellets up the nose as well as gusty wind. We saved our breaks for places we could get into the lee of something. I rather enjoyed this hike, even though for the second week in a row we had to ascend the same peak twice - what's with that?
Midnight peak from the parking lotDewy - glad for a well traveled trail.Dew and lots of bokehCalypso OrchidsMidnight from the passNeat from this perspective how quickly the prairie meets the peaksLooking across from Midnight to MiddaySummit of MidnightA rainbow on our gusty weird traverseNorth from Midday to MidnightUp in the weather todayPeter on MiddayRodney had no greater dream in the world than to sign the register.  Today, it would seem, would not be his day.  Again.Nice slabby ridge traverseMidnight peakOut on the ridge of Midnight - Midnight left and Midday (not quite breaking the skyline) center rightNakiska ski area across the roadPleasant bit of trail on the exit