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Created 22-Mar-10
Modified 10-May-11
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Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata)
An outstanding small tree for the Calgary landscape. It flowers when most other trees are long finished (late June/ early July) has beautiful bark for winter interest and is a modest size so it fits in almost all but the smallest gardens.

Size and Characteristics: Japanese Tree Lilacs mature at 3m (10’) wide by 5m (16’) tall. They can be single or multi stemmed and form a uniform oval head. Leaves are green, fall color yellow. Blooms are large panicles of white fluffy flowers in July that have a pleasant but not overpowering fragrance. Bark is glossy brown with raised lenticles (horizontal markings) Cultivar Syriga reticulata 'Ivory Silk' considered to have the best flowers.

Pests and Diseases: None of any consequence.
Japanese Tree LilacJapanese Tree LilacJapanese Tree Lilac