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2012-09-08 | Sheol Mountain | 2777m | 16.4km | 1126 rolling gain.

My last trip with Wietse was in August 2010 so we were overdue for a scramble. A co-worker of Wietse's, Stewart, joined us on this outing but unfortunately was unable to summit.

Sheol Mountain is accessed via Paradise Valley near Lake Louise and is north of Mt Temple, south of Fairview Mountain – both of which are popular peaks (the former, a big objective attracting many people – some of whom are not prepared and are better suited to the latter, which is more of a walk-up mountain, albeit still +-1000m of gain) If Sheol were anywhere else it likely would not be named as topographically it is an outlier of Haddo Peak but it does have a name and is more than worthy of our efforts today. The register showed only one other accent in 2012, back in August.

No real route-finding issues, basically pick out the correct accent gully off the decommissioned portion of Paradise Valley Trail and follow your nose. Once topped out there was a short ridge-walk over a few bumps to the true summit. We didn't linger as Stewart was waiting below as bear-bait.

A fine day to be in the mountains with blue-bird skies and the larches just hinting at beginning to turn.

Wietse's photo gallery
Sheol Mountain (forshortened view from Paradise Creek)Leaving the path for the avy gully (again a forshortened view)Poisonous but prettyShoulder of Temple, Pinnacle Peak, Eiffel Peak, and Hungabee MountainAvy gully gives way to rockEye-spy people on the summit of TempleStewart making his way up the gullyDespite being careful I sent a few rocks careening down the draw.Wieste on some stepsView starting to open up down Paradise Valley to the Horeshoe Glacier (just out of sight around the corner)More stepsCool rock formationHaddo PeakFairviewWietse on one of the subpeaks as he traverses ahead of me - far left is true summitDozen or more on the summit of FairviewTemple