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2020-12-25 | Waterton – Cameron Lake & Upper Waterton Lake | 1690 max. | 1655 TH | 10.8 km | 129 TA | w/ Shannon

Snowshoeing to Cameron lake has long been on my wish list (factors being the long drive, snow conditions, and this area is wind prone), so first trip to Cameron Lake on snowshoes and first since the fire in 2017. The wind started out cold in our faces as we snowshoed down the closed road but thankfully that subsided and until we were back at the Upper Lake later in the day the wind was mild to calm. Once at the lake we found fresh snowshoe tracks toward the north shore and we decided to go that way for a bit. I think (according to maps etc) we actually crossed into the US (border is not defined) but only a wee bit if at all. I hope. Lol. We returned back into the sun for lunch before returning to the interpretive area. On the way out we diverted from the road and followed Akamina creek for a ways taking many photos of the contrasting trees and ice formations on the creek.

Once back to the townsite, we explored along the lakeshore looking for interesting ice features. The lake along that stretch is as yet unfrozen but where the wind had splashed the rocks there were some fun shapes. After a short explore the cold wind off the water chased us back to the truck to return home on much better roads than heading in.
Part of the burn casting long shadowsThe ACC hutI suppose these are red so nobody thinks they are real and freaks out??A little open water on Cameron LakePart of the burn along the north side of the lakeSummer's last gaspShannon obliges by snowshoeing thru the shotSo many shots of contrasting shadowsWe were only on the lake ice a little bit here and there.Wolverine tracks!The sun behind Mt Custer in Montana.Cool clouds.A Northern Hawk Owl!  interesting call was how we clinched the IDMore interesting cloudsEven longer shadows now.Ice freakyness on Akamina creekAlong Akamina creekIce sculpturesAlong Akamina creekAlong Akamina creek