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Created 27-Dec-20
Modified 27-Dec-20
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2020-12-27 | Brown-Lowry PP | 1425 max | 1340 TH | 8.4km | 154m TA | w/ Shannon

A return to Brown-Lowry with the objective to do the middle trails. A small amount of fresh snow had fallen and snow still lingered on the trees making for a scenic mostly forested snowshoe trip. We went south on Wildrose East / Wildrose / Old Mill West to the south boundary and headed east. Raven had not yet been tracked yet so we headed north down it. Looping backup Old Mill West to the south boundary (Pine Hill), and then north again on Old Mill East for lunch at Old Mill Meadow Bridge. Old Mill North back to Wildrose and return via Wildrose West and Crocus loop. Now, except for a few small sections, we had covered all the official trails and crossed all the official bridges. No magical bird sightings today except for a ruffed grouse that exploded out of the snow and gave me a start. Trails were in pretty good shape except for Old Mill East which had been broken by somebody on boots and the rough uneven track was a little annoying. Until its well packed wear your snowshoes people!
StumpsSharded stumpCow parsnip - summer reminderShannon in the lead!B/W treatment on a momentary scrap of sunlight.