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Created 27-Mar-10
Modified 28-Mar-10
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A variety of shots from League, Assorted Tournaments, League playoffs, Regional playoff, South Central 2A Zones, Provincials, South Central 1A/2A All-Star game.

2009-2010 Notre Dame Collegiate Timberwolves
#4 Jared Arsenault
#6 Matthew McCallum
#7 Troy Hansen *
#8 Eric Ditzler *
#9Mason Austen
#10 Josh Baldwin *
#11 Dillon Kubicek *
#12 Connor Bateman
#13 Robert Rogers *
#14 Brett Lyons
#15 Braeden Kerr
#23 Brandon Meena *

* Seniors (Starters)

Coach- Kevin Fahlman
Assistant Coach - Ron Abramson

Managers- Jamie Sundby, Milton Ng

I get asked a lot if I got any good shots. This is the best of 1519 shots so that might explain why the answer to your question is usually a shrug and a "hope so". Enjoy, I know I did.
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