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2021-07-02 | Ware Creek Drainage | 1620 max | 1423 TH | 10.3km | 212 TA | w/ Shannon

A short day hike as the heat wave was predicted to continue. A trip to Death’s Head was the plan but I didn’t anticipate that it was now at least partially logging carnage – so like an oven and not all that scenic. So regrouped and decided to head towards Allsmoke – a route I had done with snow on the ground and it was also an area I like at this time of year for flowers and general lushness … At any rate, the trip went that direction but probably too far on the creek trails (complicated by multiple cow trails) so after climbing a few minor ridges and feeling the heat I popped on the macro lens and shot flowers and bugs on the ramble back. Raspberry coke and snacks at Ware creek before returning home to crack off some chores (Moms shopping etc) before heading to the Sheep River with our lawn chairs for the balance of the day.
Fungus mungusShannon in the understoryMost bush is sparse and easy traveling