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Created 18-Jun-18
Modified 2-Jul-18
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Bad weather always looks worse through a window.
Tom Lehrer

2018-06-16 | Muleshoe | 2266m | 1413m TH | 5.8km | 860M TA | w/ Peter, David, Lindsay, Eric

A rainy day objective off the Banff Parkway. There is a seasonal closure on this road to help wildlife in spring mode and it opens at 8am. We rolled up to the queue and never fully stopped as that gate flipped open right on schedule and we rolled on to our trailhead at Muleshoe day use. How often do you time something that well with several stops along the way to connect our party?

Misty and never really 'rain' on the way up made for some interesting photo ops and slippery footing over many downed trees. This trail is no longer maintained. We spread out a bit and David and I had a good chat as we searched for the route through the soggy pick-up-sticks. An early lunch at the top and back down and off to Canmore to the the Grizzly Paw Brewery for a few libations and second lunch. An excellent way to wrap up a Saturday.
Up through an old burn areaView back out over the oxbow that gives this stop its namePuffy male grouse trying to impress a mateLow cloud behind the trees made for many views like thisAlpine clematisVery bright lichen in the dim forestPart of Mt Borgeau I thinkSeedheads from pasque flowersAnother misty viewMist and low cloud kept changing, but its chilly, time to descendMore lichen, and the views open up a little as we dropOverlooking the valleyWeird leaf miner tracks on aspen leavesHome to a Pileated woodpecker who hid from our cameras