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Created 26-Jul-18
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2018-07-21 | Vimy Peak | 2396m | 1368m TH | 26.9km | 1368 TA | w/ Peter

Playing the 'weather game' and with Waterton showing a sunny day we went for it. Vimy Peak was spared from the Keno fire of 2017 so much of this route was over 'typical' Waterton landscape. Very diverse in plant and animal life and a somewhat refreshing change from some of our more usual hiking zones.

Wishbone trail follows the flat along the Waterton lakes drainage then shortly after a crossing of Sofa creek climbs up the forested shoulder of Vimy. Gradual ascent eventually thru larch forest gave way to the final scree and rock approach to the summit. Part of the summit ridge obscures the lakes below and moving out onto the ridge a little ways for a bit better view was fine, but Waterton rock is notoriously rotten so out onto the more sloping part of the ridge didn't seem worth it.

We had an extended stay at the top with some of the most relentless little ground squirrels who tried very hard to get into food or packs or virtually anything that we might have sweated on a little. I'm surprised they didn't roll out a little blanket and start trying to sell us their local crafts.

A warm day, we enjoyed the hike down pausing to eat Saskatoons and then enjoy a final break at Sofa creek to enjoy our stashed beverages before driving back. Always enjoy a trip to Waterton!
Streambank globemallow, Iliamna rivularis (had to look that one up)