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Created 6-Nov-16
Modified 6-Nov-16
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2016.11.05 | Three Cairns aka Etherington-Baril Ridge | 2125m (1645 TH) | 7.2km | 484m TA

A shorter one as Peter had a work shift for later in the day. Started right at first light (just after 8am) and it was pleasantly warm with warm breezes out of the west. A finer day in November than some 'summer' days we've had. The low angled light made for some interesting contrast in the photography.

The first 2.1 km is fairly flat, then a stiff climb on scree and fescue type terrain, a bit of scrambling, then quite a pleasant climb in semi open terrain with pines, rock and grasses to the summit.

At the summit the three cairns were somewhat scattered so we rebuilt them before an early lunch and head back down the way we had come (bypassing the scramblely rock in favour of the steep south slope).

A fine day out with lots of day left for putting up Christmas lights, walking Tessa and cooking a bunch of stuff for dinner and dehyrating for an upcoming trip.
Starting the stiff climb up the south facing slopesOm-nom-nom  (aspen absorbs a trail marker)Baril Peak in full sunGo toward the sun!Peter on the ridge, Baril Peak behindGood grippy rock and lovely sunStarting up the scrambley bitPeter ascends the scrambley bitWorth the effort for the viewsLast third of the mileage along a grassy / rocky / pine and fir loosely forested ridgeOld limber pineViews open along the High Rock rangeThree Cairns with two of the three cairns collapsedWesterly panothe Three Cairns after our restackingThree Cairns and Peter directly below Raspberry RidgeFording passCoyote hillsBaril Peak looking peakyThree Cairns