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Created 7-Sep-20
Modified 11-Nov-20
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2020-08-24 | Vision Quest | 2105 Max | 1397 TH | 4.7 km | 819 TA | w/ Peter & David

My second and last hike in the area, we kicked around some ideas before picking this hike that ascends a steep ridge more or less in the middle of Abraham lake. I was pretty happy to get to do this one as photos from here are very intriguing – the turquoise blue lake with mountains all around. This got its name as it was traditionally a place where the young first nations men would go for to fast and receive their ‘visions’ that were later interpreted by the elders. Some trees there still had remains of fabric tied to them often found at such places. The trail was steep, hot, loose, dusty & windy – but the views by far outweighed the effort, even though it follows on the heels of a huge day on Resolute. The final scramble to the top was unappealing to the rest of the group so we left that for another time perhaps and enjoyed a longish lunch on the ridge top. After descending we toured Windy Pointe, then I got some gas at David Thompson resort and we visited under a spruce tree at camp for a bit while a drizzle dampened my spirts to staying for dinner. I returned via the Icefields parkway and was home must before dark. Good use of a Monday off!
From the firepit, three frames to take it all in! <One><Two><Three>Panorama!!The last bit of summit block we left for another time.Such color!GPS track overlaid onto Google EarthGPS track overlaid onto Google Earth