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Created 5-May-21
Modified 9-May-21
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20210502 | Gunnery Mountain | 2092 max |1480 TH | 7.8 km |648 TA | w/Shannon

Sunday outing in the Highwood area. Precip was not forecast to come in until later in the day but it came early, in the form of grapple and then snow as we climbed making for some slippery rocks and extra route finding. Had a sighting of a male Dusky grouse on the way up putting on a minor mating display and a little further up spotted a female using her camouflage to ‘hide’ from us. The snow off the backside was deep in places requiring some maneuvering around old drifts and small cornices. Once down to the drainage we had lunch and decided to exit straight down the drainage on cow/hiking trail and return along the road where the sun was now shining. Some young bighorn sheep were grazing along the road and put on a little show of jumping around briefly for us. Good day for a repeat of a minor front country peak, but for early May, a good one.
Prairie crocusCrocus trapping some drops of water looking like jewels.Skys threaten as we climb the SW slope of GunneryA pine snag along the ridgeMale Dusky Grouse.Snow starts to build up on the trailFemale Dusky grouseSwirling cloud nowStill snowing but breaking upSome postholingSnow on the backside of GunneryLunch, looking toward BurkeBurke now showingShannon with Gunnery behindA few young bighorn sheep along the river