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Created 6-Oct-17
Modified 13-Nov-17
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2017-09-24 | Arethusa Cirque | 2449m | 2165m TH | 6.6 km | 511m TA | w/ Shannon
A larch outing with Shannon. An otherwise lightly visited cirque had lots of visitors on this day as it is high season for larch. As it is modestly sized we were able to go around the outside plus lunch in the middle before heading back. A little excitement as we had a close encounter with a grizzly bear right at tree line. Quite surprising given the number of people already in that area. Close to 25’ away, the bear did not act at all aggressively and basically wanted to move away from us as quickly as possible. Exciting thing to have happen and lucky that it ended peacefully. With the fresh snow and golden larch this was K-country at its finest.
After climbing the slippery approach trail this is the view that greets youSun thru the larchLittle Arethusa, an easy scramble from the cirqueSomeone ahead of us had built this snowmanAlong the traverseShannon, shortly before we saw the bearGrizzly bear, possibly a female, healthy and ready for winterTracks for scalelarchSynclines in this area are pretty cool with a little snowLong views to the south