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Created 2-Jan-14
Modified 6-Jan-14
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Right. So it's January, the up-tick, the time to set resolutions and all that demoralizing bull-pucky. Fact of the matter is I've been mired in other things and embarrassed to even consider myself a 'photographer'. And as the docket is full the fact remains - If I do not step off I shall remain where I am.

So out come the manuals, the camera and the challenge this round? Do some shooting or processing every day until Jan 23. After that I have a little time to do some serious shooting - what will lodge in the grey matter to help in such a situation remains to be seen.

Just today I was advising my son on some things and realized - "you miserable hypocrite" - uh huh...

Challenge accepted.

So this challenge kinda feel flat. I got sick in the middle of the office renovation and pretty much had both feet mashed down on the gas for most of January. Good intentions and all that... two frames is all you get this round - but do go check out the Hawai'i photos when you have a moment. (no, not up yet)