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Created 6-Nov-11
Modified 6-Nov-11
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2011-11-05 | Bull Creek Hills | 2173m | 15.2km | 1016m gain

A Super-Saturday outing with Peter returning to a favourite of mine, for shoulder season anyway. In the summer we blast by such points for loftier objectives but for today this is perfect.

A huff up Grass Pass with a diversion to the Boundary Pine. Shortly after the pine we encountered wolf tracks, both large and small, and they were on the same route that we were taking for a couple kilometres before dropping into the Bull Creek drainage. While we didn't see any wildlife (it is hunting season after all) we saw tracks from bear, wolf, coyote, squirrel, deer, elk, sheep and rabbits.

A brisk start at -16 became a blue-bird day with moments of calm to light wind so quite an enjoyable day all up.
-16 C.  Not quite used to this yet!Boundary Pine with Holy Cross mountain & Mt HeadBoundary PineWolf tracksWolf tracksMt Burke thru the window cairn on the high point.Window cairn & survey marker on the high point.NW along the Highwood rangeWindow cairn & Highwood rangeCalgary in the distanceCool spire on the descentTraversing from the high point (center left)Views to the west include the Continental DivideLots of cool pines along the routeDinnerPossibly the last day for Peter's mountain slippers