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2021-05-30 | Indian Oils Hills | 2002 Max | 1577 TH | 10.7km | 587 TA | w/ Shannon

A nice warm day for a ramble in the Sheep area. Indian Oils hills appealed but I hadn’t fully researched, only a printed map that I later realized didn’t have the UTM printed on it. So, there was some ‘route-finding’. Lol. Up in the open to the first hill (#4) and the climb up had some nice view and snags and a Dusky Grouse in mating mode. Bush push interrupted by a little meadow and across the main Indian Oils trail to the second summit (#2) anticlimactically treed but still had a sad little cairn. Out and back to the third summit (#3) also treed with a pathetic cairn, but some open views along the way. Cut the corner on the backtrack to the fourth (#1) where we had lunch with a panoramic view. A short hop down from the summit and finally on an established trail to run out back to the start parallel to a rushing creek. A good loop and good route-finding practise but not sure I’d do it again! Lol
Open views to the west on the climb to our first bump.Dusky grouse.  We'd see a fair few the last while so let this one be.The treed summit of our second bump.Some open views along the way to #3Summit of our fourth summit (#1 on the route map)Shannon smiling perhaps because we are almost to the main trailA lonely shooting starLichenIce bridge over a small creek along the main trailRunning a little dirty with runoff.